These days sending packages is quite costly.

We can send your package to you via regular letter mail! 

Read on...

We have recently added $15 flat rate tracking. If you are comfortable with letter mail however (stamps) only, please reach out to us and we'll refund the difference. If you choose to have your items send via letter mail we are unable to provide any refund or help if it doesn't arrive.

Orders are shipped vacuum-packed. 

If your tracked package has not arrived by Canada Post's delivery estimate please go to the Canada Post website and track your package with your tracking number. 

For our  American friends, there is a flat-rate shipping fee of $15. If there are any overages we will issue a refund. 

For our international friends we will get a shipping quote for you.  Please do not hesitate to reach out

All orders will be shipped within 7 days unless there are extenuating circumstances that prevent it.